Thursday, July 31, 2014

update July 2014

Not much to report I get my port flushed every 4 weeks and that's about all we do any more. say hi to the DR and yeah I'm still here, breathing and walking.

I've been busy training and showing dogs. 

the end of May 2014, Amber, Keep-Her and I took two weeks and went to Arkansas cause we could, We went to the diamond mines, and the off to Grace Land, and Beal Street, went to a ton of museums.  we'd see a "brown sign" (some historical place) and follow it to see where it lead to and what all we could see.  we we got home I place Shadow with a lovely family as he was not working out as a service dog for me. so now I have Mr Cotton (9 months old) (named for all the cotton gins and cotton we played with while back east)