Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cycle Five Week One Thursday 28 April 2011

Saw the Dr Today and he agrees with me that the tumor is still shrinking so we are good to go for another round of Chemo. Yeah Team!!! Finally found something that seems to be consistently working.—granted we are getting to the “questionable time” where my body seems to change its mind. Let’s hope that this time it’s going to behave and go away forever---that would be sooooooo nice. I’m getting tired of this game now.

My toe is still oozing stuff but is not as painful any more. Dr R suggested that I wash my feet with Selsun Blue shampoo----as it has proven effective as an antifungal treatment. I’m finally able to walk without to much pain from the toe. I have to wear a bandage on it when I wear socks and shoes, to catch the “ooze” I didn’t one day just wore my sock-----I paid for it cause I didn’t think to “soak” the sock off the toe---but pulled it off. You all can quit cringing now. I won’t make that mistake again.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cycle Four Week Three/Four Thursday 21 April 2011

when I was traveling back east they told me that one of the side effect could be funky finger and toe nails---but they never really told me what it was to look for. well the nail on my right ring finger got funky looking I told Amber my niece that it sort of looked like a fungal infection but didn't really act like that. Also at that point my left great toe started looking about the same as my ring finger did----the ring finger nail grew out and nothing more came of it. I've been watching the toe and it's been looking more and more like a fungal infection. I noticed that it was also feeling a little "lose" like it was getting ready to fall off, and catching on stuff. This week Keep-Her has been sniffing and licking at it and snorting a lot----so I said OK OK I'll go see a DR about it.
well Thursday was doctor day!!!! :-(

owie----my left great toe HURTS big time---the nail was getting ready for fall of from fungal infection that I got in it somehow or another---so the DR helped it along in its quest to leave (I'd include a picture but don't want to gross you all out--)----NOW it hurts like nobody's business.The DR refilled my prescription for Tylenol # 3 and put me on an antibiotic Augmentin (one of the few antibiotics that I can still take) for 14 days. my current pain meds (T #3) not touching the pain. pain level is at least a #10, it's so bad that I've got involuntary knee jerk pain, I couldn't even nap the pain was so bad.---I called the DR and requested something stronger......The Dr herself called me back and ordered something stronger---she asked me if Amber could go and pick it up ---- nice DR first time I've seen her.... I like her, she even remembered who I was and that Amber my niece was living with me. So on Amber's way back from picking up her Dad she stopped at the clinic and picked up some Percocet . Hope that will take care of it. She said that there is an anti fungal medication that would help to clear it up but since I'm on chemo I can't take it as that drug as it is also VERY hard on the liver.
--OH YEAH Percocet seems to be working the toe isn't swearing---the knee jerks have stopped..sleep sweet sleep. I got to sleep all night long as long as nothing touched the toe (ie blankets, sheets---the other foot)
That night, and several times a day since, Keep-Her comes over and checks out BOTH feet after she checked the left foot she backed off licked her lips and nodded her head. you think she knows that it's being worked on??? also since they put silver nitrate on it to cauterize it to try and stop the bleeding, I think it most likely smells funny to her.

the hands and feet are both still reacting to the Chemo, but in a very controlled manner----heaven help me if I forget to put the cream (vitamin E with white cotton gloves and footsie) on even ONE night. I pay for it for DAYS if I do, so I do my best not to forget to put it on no matter HOW tired I feel.
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Cycle Four WeekTtwo Thursday 07 April 2011

I have completed week one of the medication for this cycle and things seem to be going along well. the Hands and feet are OK so far.

This long drawn out process of healing is for the birds----I wish it would take flight like birds but I think mine is the flightless type of bird----only I would pick the flightless variety just to be different.
Actually this new drug seems to be working the best of any of them. But with my track record I hate to get too excited.

we found VINTAGE MARX PENNY POODLE 1963 WALKING TOY in the attic of my new house. she's about 12-14 inches tall the 16 oz water bottle is there to give an idea of size. She no longer walks or barks but other than that she's in good condition.

QUOTE: We cannot change yesterday. We can only make the most of today, and look with hope toward tomorrow.