Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cycle Six Week One Thursday 26 May 2011

Saw the Dr R. Today and he agrees with me that the tumor in my breast is still shrinking, but the one under my arm has hit a plateau this go around. However we are going to go for another round of Chemo. Yeah Team!!! Finally found something that seems to be working.—granted we are getting to the “questionable time” where my body seems to change its mind. Let’s hope it’s just a lull in the storm this past cycle and that it will attack “primary” tumor with gusto this cycle again.

My toe has finally quit oozing and is “healed” over, however it is still very tender when the dogs step on it (even with my shoes on). The blisters also popped and were oozing and making walking very very painful. I took to my wheel chair for several days as walking hurt too much. But that has healed up now. I wonder what side effect I’ll come up with this cycle


Friday, May 13, 2011

Cycle Five Week Three Thursday 12 May 2011

Well I have completed week two of this go around of medication. .I have very very red and sore feet. I have blisters on the balls of my feet now, making it very painful to stand let alone walk. My toe is still oozing stuff but is not as painful any more. I’ve been washing my feet with Selsun Blue shampoo daily. I still have to wear a bandage on it when I wear socks and shoes, to catch the “ooze”. I am all done taking the antibiotics as well.

I’m tire easily and have very little energy. 0ther than that noting much to report from here.