Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cycle two day 22

The Blogger updater person has flown the coop again and is off camping---she'll have to get the news when she gets home :-P
4:40 PM the Doctor just called to tell me that the Cat Scan came back improved over the original one---that's all he said. He didn't say HOW much better, just that it was better and that the Chemo is obviously working, so that means that they will most likely leave the Chemo dosage where it's at since it's working well.

Also here we are at week 4 and the White count was at 4.3 (just above low normal) so that's good news also.

~~Jann the Overcomer

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello to all. So yes I (Roxanne the daughter/regular bog updater) have been slacking on my duties. As you've seen it's been more a case of no news is good news. I must say that every one was taken with having keeper at mom's last treatment. I wonder if having Keeper there was the reason for the privet suit. If so maybe she should take her more often.

OK on to today. Today was Nutrition, and CAT scan day! (no dog aloud! ;) )

We start of with four of us and the kid's going. Besides Mom and I there is Dave (cook number 1) an Susan (cook number 1). Yes I put them both as cook number one because they both are willing to go to this meeting and cook for my mom, and that make them both #1 in my book!

If you haven't heard this part yet Mom is ES pos. That means that she needs to avoid "SOY" If you look at the back of the labels on the food you eat most to all have soy in them! Mom is lactose intolerant, making things a little harder and if you add food that can trigger latex reaction that mom can be sensitive to, then there's not much left in the way of options. SOOOOOOOOOOOO the reason we are at the appointment.

The good news, they are talking a percentage point's of soy! believe it or not SOY SAUCE is OK!!!!!!! To nut shell it for folks it is stuff like soy milk, and all that good vegetarian fake food that she can't have. It's reopened to door to food all over again. (Now if we can just make it taste good for her!!!!!

On the way home from the appt mom's head got HOT, so she took off the scarf, that made what hair she had stand straight up on end reminding me of "the scary guy" caricature I use to have a watch of. I couldn't stop laughing! ;) really it was funny to me.

Susan made a promise a while ago, that she would shave mom's head if she didn't loose it. WELL next thing you know mom is on the back porch and Susan has the dog grooming shears in her hand. In the end "mom now has her 'show cut' going on"! It looks good and I don't have the laugh attacks that I was before! ;)

We went from that to the CAT scan. Not much to report on that. We shall find out in the next few days the results. Hoping for good results.

This is mom's OFF WEEK! The good thing is we don't have treatment, however this is when her white count drops to dangerous levels. SO she's staying home or whereing her mask when she goes out.

Hope you enjoy the picture show.


Friday, July 25, 2008

CYCLE TWO Day Fifteen

CYCLE TWO Day Fifteen same ole same ole stuff---nothing different nothing new. BOOOOOOOOORING and EXHAUSTED-----I wish I could sleep, but I can't See even Keep-er finds Chemo treatments boring. Since I had a "private" room today Mack was able to stay and visit the whole time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

cycle 2 day 8

OK so it's been a while. #1 rule in our family is no news is good news. #2 I've been busy camping.... Hey mom's been doing great, so we could get away for a moment. I did check in with her while I was gone a few times a day by text, and talked to her for a while on Sat on the phone.

Wed: Vampire day. It went as usual nothing too fun or strange to report on that.

Thursday: treatment day. What can I say, the biggest new to report there isn't about mom but me. I walked into the clinic today!!!! No more wheel chairs for me! Thank goodness, I was tired of being ran into walls. ( I love my daughter but she's fun to bug about one oops). We met the nurse and we go over mom's labs all is looking good there are things that are low and things that are high... but as the nurse says that's what they want so it's all good. That means mom gets her date with Baxter.

This treatment seamed to make mom more tired than some of the last ones. She came out of the treatment wanting to take a nap.

SO there are a few interesting things to report.
1) The hair is hanging in there, yet getting thinner. The bright side of less hair... It dries a lot faster!

2) "Chemo brain" moment of the week. OK there may be more than one, but only one we can remember at the moment. Mom had a bill to pay. The amount (for argument sake) was $136.00 Mom paid the bill. Got a call from the company that said you wrote your check wrong. In the number amount mom wrote $136.00 then the next line when it came time to write it out she wrote "One hundred and 36/100" OOPS. I'm thinking she's found a new way to delay payment on a bill!!!!!

3) the quote of the week. When asked How are you doing?
"I'm soooooooooooooo boringly fine even Research doesn't call any more"

OK the research nurse calls but mom's doing so well that boring is GOOD!!

Thanks for you continued good thoughts and prayers. They are obviously working if mom is soooo boringly fine!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cycle 2 Day One

Well it was touch and go there for a while as to whether or not I was going to be able to keep my date with Baxter this week. Since my White count was down last week, then I ended up in the Emergency Room with a fever (101.5) of unknown origin. The white count BARELY made it into the “normal” range at this weeks blood draw.. The Doctor decided that it was OK to go ahead with the Chemo treatment. The *Sutents* (SU011248) dosage has remained the same, two pills once a day at 8:30 AM. Other than my hair getting a lot thinner no major side affect noted.

It was funny when Mack met us at the DR office on Thursday, he looked at me and said I'm going to buy you a hat with bangs. we all LOLROF at him He had NO clue that is what I was wearing (the Bandana with bangs) already. After my appointment when he walked me out to the car, I pulled my bandana off to show him my "lack" of hair. It's a toss up as to which one of us has the most still.

PS Roxanne is obviously comfortable with my treatments---she and the family are off camping in the mountains. however she does Text me several times a day to check up on me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Picture time!

OK So as promised it's time for some pictures. We are going to ask your opinion on what style you like the best. Then Mom/Jann will just wear what she feels the most comfortable in any ways.
This is for fun. The poll is on the right of the page.

This is "salt and pepper"

This is "10 years back"

This is "10 years forward"

Mom's new "hair grooming tools" (not on the poll)

The "bandana and bangs"

Let us know what you think.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

the Weekend

Wednesday 02 July 2008 I spiked a fever of 99.9 I told Diane the research nurse when she called the next day and I was told that when it reached the "magic number of 100.3 that I was to go to the ER. So I've been taking it several times a day.
On Thursday 03 July 2008 my Temp only got to 99.7
Friday 04 July 2008 my temp got up to 99.8 it has been returning to near normal between spikes.

Saturday 05 July 2008 I just got back from spending three hours in the ER. I spiked a temp. the magic number I was told was 100.3 I woke up from a nap and it was 100.5. After gallons of blood, a UA a EKG and a Chest X-ray it was decided that I had bronchitis maybe??? Oh yeah it was 100.8 in the ER the last time they took it. My WBC has IMPROVED since Wed when it was taken last. they put me on Moxifloxacin HCL 400 mg tabs.

My Temp spiked to 101.5 after I got home-----then I finally vomited about 500 cc of clear liquid now I feel better----wrung thru the wringer but better.

Sunday 06 July 2008 I have a nasty red raw rash on my arm from the tape they used when they put the IV in. Its been the only stuff I've been able to use with no problems till now. I'm not sure what they are going to do now.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Well the fourth arrived and as promised no one went to the parade! We all had a nice time out at the Farm and the firework adventures where tame this year thank goodness as there was a 14 and 15 year old lighting them off. The most excitement was the onlooker who would sit in chairs and try to see where they went leaning over on uneven ground and before they know it falling over backwards or sideways! To the enjoyment of every one else.

Mom is Sore today, as am I. It could be that we were just walking around on the uneven ground of the farm all day. I know that's why I'm sore, try doing that on crutches. So today mom is taking t-3's and has heat on her back to try and help the soreness.

Oh and mom got some sleep last night!!! She turned on the TV to watch the fireworks and fell asleep for all of them. I told her she should of recorded them, that way she could play them over and over again to get her sleep!

Her fever is still down today and thing seem stats quo.


PS. Pictures of the head covering will be coming soon. Check in on Monday or Tues to see them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cycle 1 Day 21 Wig and Vampire Day

OK, So today we planed to go and buy mom a wig. It was also the day to visit the vampire and do doggie doo doo duty!

When we get there mom is getting ready. When it comes time to do her hair... well let's just say I think she won the shedding game with the dog. I (being the caring/sensitive daughter that I am) got out the "CAT HAIR BRUSH" and offered to help. (she ran away and I think did or said something else I shouldn't relay here.) Sarah got out the "de-hairer" thing, lint brush by another name. And de~haired grandma's shirt. complaining that she was wearing a white T-shirt will shedding BLACK HAIR!!!!!!

Wig shop first, the bad new they lady wouldn't let us take any pictures in her store! :( They had one that we looked at all gray and curly.. I said that would be OK, IF she wanted to look like her mother! She passed. So we went with some other colored wigs just too much of a difference. I agree they almost all looked wiggy! After trying on a lot we came to one that is a look that she had a few years back, and the gray is gone!!!!

Then it's off to the vampires! Mom thinks she's got the system figured out this time. Has Sarah stand in one line and get the "number" for the other line. The line Sarah is in is ready first, it's to get her BP done. But she still has to wait about 1/2 hour they say. Then it's time to talk to the vampire... There seems to be a problem not sure what so I get up with the crutches to see what the mater is. The computer system is down!! This means that they have to do it all by hand. Good thing for the blue card that helps them speed things up. After a long delay and about a hour later we are out of there.

Now later this evening the results are back. Moms white blood count is down to 2.4 this makes her very susceptible to germs. So the idea of taking her to the 4th of July parade is now off. But we will still be doing a small family BBQ. She also had a small fever tonight however as of right now it has broken and is back to normal.

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow is the phone call with the nurse and then it's time for family on Friday.


OK I'll add my two cents worth here also----After having soup for supper---not much in the house at the moment to eat. Need to get the grocery shopping done soon. I took about an hour and half nap during which time my fever broke, now I'm all sweaty. Also took my temp again and it was down to 98.6 (which is still elevated for me but not too bad)


more on Cycle 1 day 19

OK so mom gave you her version of the story. Here is MY version! (not that it's any better) On Sunday afternoon I was telling Sarah that I forgot to do the hair tug test on mom. Being the sweet child that I am, I will grab a lock of her hair and gently tug at it, just to see if it's still attached. I forgot to do when we where together on Sunday.

Well Monday I had a Dr appt. for my foot, and we went over to moms house before hand. Now to me her hair looked thinner than normal, but I wasn't sure if it was or wasn't due to the fact that since she got it cut there is more gray then black, thus just looking thinner any ways. So I am sitting in the wheel chair and reach up to get her hair and give it a tug. Mom backs away! I was like WOA! that's new, but just to make sure I try it again and again she pulls back. HMMMM

Mom goes to the bathroom and get a comb and combs her hair. Out comes a "small" (and I mean a small) hand full of hair. To which I tell her that's nothing I can do that like this, and reach up to my hair and pull out as many if not more hair than her. I get twice that much out of my brush daily. What are you complaining about? She said yeah yeah yeah, that's us (Am, and Sarah) all do that same thing. For mom this is something that doesn't happen too.

So it became official Mom is "shredding" as my 7 year old use to stay! Tuesday Mom said that it's a weird sensation to feel her hair fall it. She can feel it "letting go" or it feels like a "popping out" (maybe that's due to the otter POPS!) OK a bad joke from me. :) Tuesday evening Mom was really sore, flu like sore . I told her she couldn't blame the soreness on the Jeepin' over the weekend it was too long ago. She says it's "delayed reaction syndrome". GOOD TRY MOM!

Well that's all the news so far.
Wed we go to the vampires and wig shopping! Thursday is "OFF DAY"!
Take care and thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.


PS.. My foot is healing nicely and now I'm suppose to start using it 'just a little'. Next week the stitches FINALLY come out, and then I'm free to go. Just not run a marathon on the first weekend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cycle 1 Day 19

Alright Susan ---- you win----or is that LOSE??? Yes that means that my hair is starting to fall out. Roxanne was going for day 18----it might have started that day, but not as noticeable as today. I am so NOT ready for this. Yes I have a few hats, and a scarf or two but but's too HOT for HEAD cover. So I guess tomorrow 02 July 2008 we go wig shopping. Who all wants to come????