Thursday, August 28, 2008

CYCLE THREE Day Twenty -Two Rest Week NO Treatment

No Roxanne bashing this weeks folks. she's back home and being a good daughter again. This week Jann had Roxanne walk the mall (one mile) with her one day. Its the first time that Roxanne has gotten out and exercised since her foot surgery. She did great.

This is Jann's rest week, which means no Chemo treatments. It give Jann's body a chance to recover a bit before we start in again next week. Jann still do have to have my blood work done and the white count is still up there within the normal range, which is great.

The dog Keep-her and Jann continue to walk daily, and have increased out mileage this week to include walking up a hill (getting ready to WALK the Race for the Cure this year.) Any one who wants to can donate to Jann's cause.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cycle 3 Day 15 Treatment 3

Last Thursday Roxanne and Sarah were late getting to Chemo as they went to court to finalize the changing of Sarah's last name. then they went camping after that. came home last night to do laundry and to be with Jann at Chemo on Thursday. Today Thursday 21 August 2008 Roxanne and Sarah stopped in at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get Sarah new ID in the NEW Name.---she was thrilled to pieces and had to show it to G'ma Jann. However Roxanne has gone off camping again and left the reporting to the blog up to others. Since Jann doing amazingly well she had another boring week so there is nothing much to report!!
Jann's date with Baxter (Chemo treatment) today went well, as neither Baxter or Jann misbehaved (can't say the same for Jann's neighbour--she had a reaction to the chemo and they had to stop her's) .
When Jann got home from Chemo there was a package waiting for her. One of her poodle friend's (Thanks Barb and Cheers) made it and sent it to her. wasn't hat nice?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cycle 3 Day 8 Treatment 2

Roxanne has gone off camping again and left the reporting to the blog up to others. Jann had another boring Chemo treatment today, is doing very well with few side effects. There is nothing new to report.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Join Jann's Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Team!

Hi everyone,

If you are interested in joining Jann’s team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (Sunday, September 21), insert the following link into your browser to join the Cascade Beagle Rescue (CBR) team:

http://race. komenoregon. org/site/ TR/Race/General? team_id=28863&pg=team&fr_id=1050

Click on "Join Cascade Beagle Rescue" which is located to the right of my name (Michelle Dodgson) at the bottom of the page. When selecting the event, we will participate in the "Adult-Untimed Walking and Running Events." Select this option. Cost to join the team is $25. Next, you will provide contact information. When asked which actual Event you will be participating in, select "5K Walk" from the drop-down menu. You will also include your T-shirt size. Continue to the waiver portion of the instructions, then provide billing information, and confirm your information.

In order to be included as part of the "official' CBR Team, I will need you to join CBR's Team by August 21, 2008. This way, I will be able to have everything available for the team members the day of the race.

Team CBR—Paws for the Cause!

Michelle (Jann’s Sister-in-Law)

Questions? Send me an email to:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cycle 3 Day one Treatment one

Jann saw a different oncologist today as her's in on sabbatical for the month of August. The new Doctor was very nice soft spoken with an accent----little difficult to understand. The Doctor seemed very encouraged by what he saw on the cat scan, he then went over the cat scan with us and told us that the lymphatic tumors have all shrunk by up to 1/2 of what they were to begin with. the tissue and bone tumors have stayed the same which is good, and that there are no NEW tumors noted. It means that the cancer has NOT spread. that it's hit the lymphatic system first (since that's the closet route for the Chemo to take. the tissue and bone ones will take further treatment to get them shrinking. Jann's blood work is well within normal range

Jann is doing very well with few side effects other than losing her hair. Jann and her Dog Keep-er, are enjoying a 2 mile walk in an hours time in the cool of the mornings and then they can hardly wait for the evening to cool so they can walk an additional mile. The exercise seems to be helping to improve her health.