Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cycle Eight, Day ONE?? NO Treatment (SNOW) Rest week AGAIN

Ok now we’ve heard it all??? Everyone else got to have “snow days” and be off school and or work---well I guess I get a couple also. Since the clinics were all closed, due to snow, when I was supposed to have my labs drawn that didn’t happen this week. Then today when I was supposed to have my Doctor’s appointment, I received a call and was told that due to “snow” the clinics were still closed. Well I’m out of the study drug medication, the Doctor is aware and said it would be OK for me to take a *rest week* So now I get to see him on New Year’s Eve day instead of Christmas Eve Day------weather permitting!!!!

This was taken from the street, my house and van in the driveway.

Sarah came over yesterday and cleaned most of the snow off my Van but left it with a *Mohawk* then it snowed again.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cycle Seven, Day Twenty-two, Treatment NONE REST WEEK

Well this is really and truly a *rest week* No appointments anywhere this week. Yippee Skippee!!!!

Which as it turns out really was a good thing due to the inclement weather we’ve been having here!!

Started with the weekend dropping snow and ice and temperatures down into the low 20’s with a wind chill in single digits. Then on Monday we experienced a *brown out* (light run on half power) for about 3 hours, then a total power outage for an hour before we had our power restored.

Tuesday my son-in-law came over and took me up to the clinic to have my labs drawn, Since I don't have snow equipment for my car, and it was icey on the hill to get to the clinic.

So I got my weekly E-mail from my Doctor
The blood counts and liver tests are fine.

Have great Holidays and a joyous New Year.

Dr. Mark

The ice and snow finally melted Thursday, so I was able to finally get out of the house for a bit. I had to take Keep-er (dog) out and buy her boots. It’s not the ice and cold I worry about it’s the salt and other chemicals that people put on the walks and driveways to melt the ice and snow

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cycle Seven, Day Fifteen, Treatment Three

Today I had another dose of *bug juice*

Got my weekly e-mail from my Dr telling me that the blood counts were fine.

This week it was just Amber and I again. Roxanne has injured her shoulder somehow, so she’s on narcotic pain meds and cannot drive, since Sarah does NOT have her permit yet so she couldn’t bring them either. Keep studying that book Sarah and before long you’ll be driving.

Mack has flown the coop ahead of the cold weather so he was not there either. I got an e-mail from him telling me that he was in El Paso, TX.

No misplaced cell phones so no funny stories this week.

So that’s the update for this week.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cycle Seven, Day Two, Treatment Two

OK until Christmas and New Years I’m back on my regular schedule of Chemo on Thursday ‘s. Today I had another dose of *bug juice*

Got my weekly e-mail from my Dr telling me that the blood counts were fine.

The funny story of the week is that today I miss placed my cell phone and that really put me into a funk. We were already well on our way to the clinic and past the point of no return (or we’d be late). So Amber sent a text message to Roxanne that I didn’t have my phone with me and was in a *funk*! :-p We went to the meeting with the research nurse, and were waiting for them to call me back to the infusion room. Roxanne and Sarah show up (they were right on time) Amber and I were a little early and the research nurse took me right in. so we are standing there talking with Roxanne and Sarah ----Roxanne looks at me and says ---umm Mom what’s wrong with your shirt/chest? OMG!!! I just cracked up laughing. While dressing after my shower I had clipped the cell phone to the outside of my bra so that I wouldn’t forget it, then put my shirt on over top of it and *yup forgot it was there!!!* I was greatly relieved to have *found* my “life line” :-)

So that’s the update for this week.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cycle Seven, Day One, Treatment One

Just to mess with everyone’s MIND and not just mine; because of the holiday my schedule has been all messed up this week.

First of all Researd calls me Monday to tell me that I had a CT Scan schedule that morning ---oooo goody can I run up to the Mt Scott Clinic and pick up the prep I need to take sure no problem. Went in had my labs drawn there at the Interstate Clinic and then had the CT Scan done.

Tuesday I had my monthly appointment with my doctor. OH DEAR they have a new CT Scan reporting program going and he can’t get the CT Scan results. They say that they are on his computer but he can’t access them for whatever reason. So he calls and talks with the Dr who read the scan and was told that everything looks OK!!

He did tell me that my labs The blood counts and liver tests are fine. And kidney tests are fine.

Mack showed up this week as he was back in town from working on the rental house. He brought me pretty pink flowers from his garden. Sarah had her IEP (Individualized Education Program) so they were not able to come this week.

So we were good to start round seven of the Chemo. Yippee Skippee!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cycle Six, Day Twenty-Two, Rest Week NO Treatment

This is my *rest* week the week that they *know* my counts will be low---just how low is the unknown.—So far the Dr has NOT sent me my lab results, the excuse I’ve been given is that it’s his week to do hospital rotation.---I told them that was a lousy excuse.

This past week I bought a treadmill off Craigslist, so now Keep-er and I can continue to walk in inclement weather. So far Keep-er has not logged as many miles as I have. I walk on it for an hour in the mornings if the weather looks *iffy*. On non rainy days we’ve been doing the short one mile walk around the block a couple of times a day. Keep-er and I have been also been doing some obedience training down in the basement.

Other than that it’s basically the same old boring life around here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

CYCLE SIX Day Fifteen Treatment week Three

Today was my third treatment for this cycle---veins behaved themselves today and the tech was able to get in first try. When they hung the Paclitaxel (Taxol®), I could taste it----yuck!!!!! Mack was out of town again, He’s working on one of our Rental houses; Roxanne,Sarah and Widget were late getting there, BUT HEY they ALL showed up :-) the photo is of Sarah and Widget

However till she got there she kept me entertained with text messages on my cell phone. She arrived in time to show off Widget to the staff, and take me home as Amber had other errands to do afterwards. Today I was out in the “main” room with a TV to watch as well as being able to *people* watch---which I love to do.

The Dr. sent me the following note about my blood work this week. The blood counts, liver and kidney tests are all fine.

Keep-er and I have been doing some obedience training down in the basement, now that it’s been cleaned up again and most of the parents stuff is gone. On non rainy days we’ve been doing the short one mile walk around the block a couple of times a day.

Other than that it’s basically the same old boring life around here.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

CYCLE SIX Day Eight Treatment Two

Today was my second treatment for this cycle---veins were playing games with the IV Techs again today---na na nana na you can’t find me! Oh you think you found me?—I’ll just ROOOOOOOOOOOOLL away from there”. I did get very lucky/fortunate whatever---as they did manage to get it in with just two pokes of the needle. Other than that it was a slow day in the Chemo room. Roxanne was home sick with a cold. Mack was out of town, I got stuck in what I call *the hole* (it’s a cubicle----you know four foot tall walls) with four chairs in it in the middle of the room. There was no TV, No windows to look out for a view. There were two other people in there, one was talking on her cell phone---the other was trying to sleep and kept grunting at the person on the phone. When I got up to go for a walk she grrrd at me because I was making noise. Sheesh. No way to people watch---just plain boring.

I have a very very straight and*fine*(texture) baby soft, crop of white hair growing in now. However I still don’t have any eyebrows.

The Dr sent me the following note about my blood work this week. the blood cells are looking good. Happy day!!!!

Keep-er and I have been doing some obedience training down in the basement, now that it’s been cleaned up again and most of the parents stuff is gone.

Basically it’s the same old boring life around here.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

CYCLE SIX Day ONE Treatment Week ONE

I got this note from my Doctor last night-----"The blood cells are OK and the liver tests are also fine."

Today Thursday 30 October 2008
I started cycle six today. Saw the DR today, we talked about how well Chemo seems to be working for me. The lymph nodes appear to have gone down more, so that they are harder for him to find. Somehow or another I lucked out today and got one of the **Private** room again, so Mack and Roxanne sat and visited with me for the whole time I was receiving treatment which I tolerated. I swear when they hung the Paclitaxel (Taxol®), I could taste it----yuck!! I had one episode during my treatment, where my right hand started to swell (hand with the IV in it),get cold and was also was painful on the outer under side of the wrist. Mack got the Nurse to look at it and she gave me a hot pack to rest my arm on and told me to elevate the hand more than the elbow. That seemed to help some. Now that I’m home the swelling has gone down, hand is back to normal size again, with minimal bruising.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

CYCLE FIVE Day Twenty-Two NO Treatment Week

Nothing much to report this week since it’s my rest week. Keep-er and I are continuing with our morning walks around the neighbourhood ---as long as the weather holds out. The good/bad news this week is my counts are down.
WBC **3.4** (normal 4.0 – 10.5)
ANC **1.14** (normal 1.80 - 8.30)
That means that we are getting the a good response to the Chemo treatments, but also means that I have to be careful of where I go as my immune system is currently compromised.
My brother and sister from out of town have been in town this week going thru our parent’s estate stuff and dividing it up among the four of us. We came across this photo of me as an infant of about 6 months of age. Seems like my hair style then is much the same as now

Blast from the past!!

the more things change the more the stay the same!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

CYCLE FIVE Day Fifteen Treatment Week Three

I tolerate the treatment well. No problems. I am Surviving!!

All blood work is within the *normal* range this is good yeah!!!!

No Pizza and a movie night, G’kid sick with sniffles, and the Beagle rescue group has a brand new litter of 6 puppies on the ground that they are having to help mom care for.

Keep-er and I are back walking at least once a day now as the days are getting shorter and wetter, so like summer we are doing more, and more mall walking.

I saw my surgeon this week and she said “so why did the Oncologist send you here? And just WHERE is this tumor supposed to *normally reside*?” giggle She couldn't find the primary one in the breast---the ones in the lymph nodes are still palpable, however she feels we might be able to treat them without surgery.since I'm getting such good results with Chemo, she wants me to continue with the Chemo regime then come back and see her in middle of January and we'll talk again. So it looking like I may NOT need surgery after all.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

CYCLE FIVE Day Eight Treatment Week Two

So I think we scared Sarah away from the exam room after last weeks visit with the Doctor. This week she stayed out in the *family* room the coward . Well TS (research nurse) was sick to day so I saw DS the other research nurse (she’s not as informative as TS is)

today's IV site, As the back of my hand from last week is still purple and green.

The good news that a week OFF of Potassium is it still within normal limits.
My sinus infection seems to be somewhat better. I’m not running as “high” a low grade fever as I was.

Keep-er and I still have not gotten back into the routine of walking----the rains have come so that means that I need to do the mall again. ONE day we’ll get back there.

My friends at Cascade Beagle Rescue got me a *new* wig. I put it on and was leaning against the door frame and Sarah says "that's not a good place to go to sleep G'ma" as she snapped my picture. **grin**

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cycle FIVE Day One Treatment Week One

Today while at the Doctor’s it was pick on the “teenage kid” Poor Sarah……she was sitting on the bed* when the DR came in and I said she’s the patient today---He started in with how he hoped she never was and that she could make sure by eating right (no hamburgers, French fries, taco bell etc) exercising, getting plenty of sleep, not drinking pop (it leaches calcium out of young women’s bones) then we introduced him to the phenomium of young girls cleaning their rooms in the middle of the night cause they can’t sleep----as far ash he knows his daughter never did that.

I have been fighting a sinus infection all week, with a low grade fever, so Keep-er and I have NOT been walking lately. This past week I had both a CT scan and a Bone scan done to see how things are progressing. I saw the research nurse called on Wednesday of last week and she had gotten permission to tell me that the CT Scan was looking good. When I called her about the Bone scan the radiologist hadn’t done ALL the assignment and done a comparison study with the previous ones to see if things were progressing the way we hoped they would be, so I have to wait till next week to get the results from the DR

WBC 4.4 (normal 4.0 – 10.5)
ANC 2.20 (1.80 - 8.30)
HGB 14.0 (12.0-16.0)
HCT 41.2 (34.5 - 45.0)
PLT 348 (140- 375)
Potassium 3.8 (normal 3.5-5.1)

As seen above (no red or stared items) all lab values are with in their normal ranges. The CT Scan shows **Slight interval reduction in size of the target lesion #1** The Bone Scan show ***abnormalities on the right side of L3 and in a focus on the left iliac crest have not changed significantly on the bone scan, and there is NO evidence of any new abnormality. *** the Chemo is working YEAH TEAM!!!!! Tonight is Pizza and a Movie night. Tonight’s movie is *God said Ha!!* Julia Sweeney tells the viewers the monologue about the hard time in her life when her brother fought with cancer and she was also diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Comic, actress, and Saturday Night Live alumni Julia Sweeney had just moved to a cozy little bungalow in Los Angeles. Her life was buzzing along quite nicely, thank you very much, and she was planning days of writing, evenings of dinner parties and smart conversations, and nights of quiet solitude. "That's when God said 'Ha!'" confesses Sweeney in her monologue-cum-one woman Broadway show and for the next 80 minutes she shares the intimate experiences of an emotionally turbulent year in her life. Her brother is diagnosed with cancer and takes up residence in her bedroom, her parents move down from Washington and into the guest room, and the adult Sweeney is suddenly reliving her childhood in a bizarre nuclear family flashback. The magic of God Said Ha! lies in her loving lampoon of the details surrounding an inherently tragic situation: learning to deal with the foibles of her parents all over again, sneaking a boyfriend into her ridiculously crowded house like an embarrassed teenager, turning her brother's chemotherapy visits into giggly family outings. Sweeney is in total command of the stage, more like a host giving a cockeyed tour of her life than a monologist, and her easy manner and relaxed tone puts the audience at ease. It's a brave, funny, and irresistibly involving film, like the reflective confession of a dear friend sharing intimate details of her life with a mischievous grin. Tragedy has never been so respectfully hilarious. --Sean Axmaker

All in all I would say its been an OK week


Saturday, September 27, 2008

CYCLE Four Day Twenty-Two NO Treatment---REST WEEK

Nothing much to report this week since this is my **Rest Week** Rest week my eye!!!! This week I had not only the normal vampire visit but I also had a CT Scan done on Tuesday and then a Bone Scan done on Wednesday. I won't get the results of those till I see the DR next Thursday.Granted between appointments I have taken frequent naps.

The Bone Scan is a two part test, you go in and have the radioactive contrast injected into your arm, then you wait for three hours and go back for the scans. So what to do during that time? Mack and I went to the Chinese Gardens in Downtown Portland. It was a pleasant day and the Gardens are lovely, peaceful place to go and relax for a while. We also had lunch in the Tea Room there.

I've been so busy running to the clinics for test and stuff Keep-er and I have taken the week off from *long* walks. We've just been doing short around the "Block" ones. (the ones we do in the evenings.) With it getting dark earlier our walks are getting closer together and we may have to forgo one of them here eventually.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Race for the Cure 21 September 2008---WE DID IT!!

First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of Keep-er and I for this walk.

When I got up at 5:00 AM on Sunday morning to go Downtown Portland, where the Race for the Cure event was being held, it was obvious that it had rained during the night. Yet when the dogs came back in it was just as obvious that it was not currently raining as they were dry.

My Daughter Roxanne, her husband David, and daughters Sarah and Brookelyn arrived at my house about 5:45 AM to take Keep-er and I down to the waterfront where the event was to be held.

We arrived down thereabout 6:30 AM so that we could go thru the booths and collect all the goodies that they were giving away, also look at stuff that was for sale. The weather was cool but dry. After making our way down one side of the booth area and working our way back up the other, meeting up with friends along the way, we arrived back at the Salmon Street fountain where we were to meet up with our other team members.

One of the things they were giving away was pink foam Energizer Bunny, Roxanne had gotten some and decided to "dress" Keep-er, She put the ears on her and Keep-er just left them there. Another one of the give always. was a pink cape that said *Heroes of Hope* by Fuze@ drink. Well Sarah couldn't be out done by her mother so she put the cape on Keep-er as well as the ears. She wore them for the WHOLE time that we were down there. I took them off her just before we got back INTO the van to come home. Keep-er was very well photographed thru out the whole walk. People kept asking if they could take her picture, then this morning low and behold we found Keep-er on the Internet news.

The walk started at 9:00 AM and we were one of the first across the start line. It took my family, along with my niece Linda K ((from Vancouver WA) Keep-er and I about an hour and a half to do the 5K walk.

Crossing the finish line in the Survivors only line.

and YES Keep-er and I were back out walking first thing this morning.

Jann the Overcomer The beginning

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

CYCLE Four Day Fifteen Treatment Three

Another day! Another treatment! My usual support group was with me today, Amber, Roxanne and Sarah, and my husband Mack. There is good news and not to good news. Today”s IV site was in the back of my hand. The bruising appears to be very minimal this week.

The good news is that the treatments still appear to be working and I’m not having any “major” side effects from the Chemo. I’ve lost 6 pounds and have maintained that weight loss for over 3 weeks now --- so now I can brag The bruising appears to be very minimal this week.

I’ve been running a fever off and on all week. I think I’m coming down with a sinus infection ---however when I went to see my General Practice DR he said I wasn’t sick enough yet for antibiotics. GREAT!!

We had Pizza and a movie night again this past Wednesday, with my daughter, granddaughter, and niece.This week we watched the movie Juno. Next Wednesday it will be with the CBR (Cascade Beagle Rescue director’s group)!

In spite of my fevers and usual aches and pains, Keep-er and I continue to walk daily. We are now up to a little over 3.5 miles in the morning then we do some Obedience training when we get home. in the evenings we walk another mile to mile and half, as long as the weather holds, we'll keep doing that. Race for the cure is only Three (3) days away this coming Sunday 21 September 2008---I think we are ready and in shape for it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cycle FOUR Day Eight Treatment TWO

I tolerated today's Chemo Treatment well. They didn't have any troubles starting the IV today! Today's was in the fore arm.

However I'm starting to look like what I think a "junkie" would look like with needle marks and black and blue spots all up and down my arms. Even the kid who I happen to get to take my blood for the weekly blood draws did a lousy job of it and it's bruising. My magic potion ice and Arnica Cream (treatment post Chem) doesn't seem to be working well any more. Blood count continues to be good.

Keep-er and I continue to walk daily. we are now up to a little over 3 miles in the morning then we do some Obedience training when we get home. in the evenings we walk another mile to mile and half, as long as the weather holds, we'll keep doing that. Race for the cure is little over a week and an half away---we want to be in shape for it.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cycle FOUR Day one Treatment ONE

I got a call from the Research nurse last week to tell me that I needed to have an extra CT Scan done----It needs to be done 12 weeks from when I was accepted into the study program. So I had it done on Tuesday of this week. Saw My Doctor, he said that the CT Scan showed that the two *target* lesions (right axillary lymph nodes) both show slight interval decrease in size. The *non target* lesion (bone, liver and lungs) are stable. There are NO NEW abnormalities. Blood count continues to be good. Today the Nurse had troubles getting the IV started in me today. I guess my veins are getting tired of “playing this game now” she finally found a vein and then it was positional. I had to keep my hand fairly still and in the same position for it to work right. Other than that I tolerated the Chemo Treatment well.

Keep-er and I continue to walk daily. we are now up to a little over 3 miles in the morning then we do some Obedience training when we get home. in the evenings we walk another mile to mile and half, as long as the weather holds, we'll keep doing that.

My Poodle friend Barb & Cheers on the East Coast made me some more scarves. They are wonderful. I really like them.

this one has little white flowers
center one has 4 pink poodles embroidered on it
the last one is pink blue plaid with pink breast Cancer pink ribbons on it

here I am with the pink poodles on my head along with my bangs.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

CYCLE THREE Day Twenty -Two Rest Week NO Treatment

No Roxanne bashing this weeks folks. she's back home and being a good daughter again. This week Jann had Roxanne walk the mall (one mile) with her one day. Its the first time that Roxanne has gotten out and exercised since her foot surgery. She did great.

This is Jann's rest week, which means no Chemo treatments. It give Jann's body a chance to recover a bit before we start in again next week. Jann still do have to have my blood work done and the white count is still up there within the normal range, which is great.

The dog Keep-her and Jann continue to walk daily, and have increased out mileage this week to include walking up a hill (getting ready to WALK the Race for the Cure this year.) Any one who wants to can donate to Jann's cause.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cycle 3 Day 15 Treatment 3

Last Thursday Roxanne and Sarah were late getting to Chemo as they went to court to finalize the changing of Sarah's last name. then they went camping after that. came home last night to do laundry and to be with Jann at Chemo on Thursday. Today Thursday 21 August 2008 Roxanne and Sarah stopped in at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get Sarah new ID in the NEW Name.---she was thrilled to pieces and had to show it to G'ma Jann. However Roxanne has gone off camping again and left the reporting to the blog up to others. Since Jann doing amazingly well she had another boring week so there is nothing much to report!!
Jann's date with Baxter (Chemo treatment) today went well, as neither Baxter or Jann misbehaved (can't say the same for Jann's neighbour--she had a reaction to the chemo and they had to stop her's) .
When Jann got home from Chemo there was a package waiting for her. One of her poodle friend's (Thanks Barb and Cheers) made it and sent it to her. wasn't hat nice?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cycle 3 Day 8 Treatment 2

Roxanne has gone off camping again and left the reporting to the blog up to others. Jann had another boring Chemo treatment today, is doing very well with few side effects. There is nothing new to report.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Join Jann's Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Team!

Hi everyone,

If you are interested in joining Jann’s team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (Sunday, September 21), insert the following link into your browser to join the Cascade Beagle Rescue (CBR) team:

http://race. komenoregon. org/site/ TR/Race/General? team_id=28863&pg=team&fr_id=1050

Click on "Join Cascade Beagle Rescue" which is located to the right of my name (Michelle Dodgson) at the bottom of the page. When selecting the event, we will participate in the "Adult-Untimed Walking and Running Events." Select this option. Cost to join the team is $25. Next, you will provide contact information. When asked which actual Event you will be participating in, select "5K Walk" from the drop-down menu. You will also include your T-shirt size. Continue to the waiver portion of the instructions, then provide billing information, and confirm your information.

In order to be included as part of the "official' CBR Team, I will need you to join CBR's Team by August 21, 2008. This way, I will be able to have everything available for the team members the day of the race.

Team CBR—Paws for the Cause!

Michelle (Jann’s Sister-in-Law)

Questions? Send me an email to:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cycle 3 Day one Treatment one

Jann saw a different oncologist today as her's in on sabbatical for the month of August. The new Doctor was very nice soft spoken with an accent----little difficult to understand. The Doctor seemed very encouraged by what he saw on the cat scan, he then went over the cat scan with us and told us that the lymphatic tumors have all shrunk by up to 1/2 of what they were to begin with. the tissue and bone tumors have stayed the same which is good, and that there are no NEW tumors noted. It means that the cancer has NOT spread. that it's hit the lymphatic system first (since that's the closet route for the Chemo to take. the tissue and bone ones will take further treatment to get them shrinking. Jann's blood work is well within normal range

Jann is doing very well with few side effects other than losing her hair. Jann and her Dog Keep-er, are enjoying a 2 mile walk in an hours time in the cool of the mornings and then they can hardly wait for the evening to cool so they can walk an additional mile. The exercise seems to be helping to improve her health.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cycle two day 22

The Blogger updater person has flown the coop again and is off camping---she'll have to get the news when she gets home :-P
4:40 PM the Doctor just called to tell me that the Cat Scan came back improved over the original one---that's all he said. He didn't say HOW much better, just that it was better and that the Chemo is obviously working, so that means that they will most likely leave the Chemo dosage where it's at since it's working well.

Also here we are at week 4 and the White count was at 4.3 (just above low normal) so that's good news also.

~~Jann the Overcomer

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello to all. So yes I (Roxanne the daughter/regular bog updater) have been slacking on my duties. As you've seen it's been more a case of no news is good news. I must say that every one was taken with having keeper at mom's last treatment. I wonder if having Keeper there was the reason for the privet suit. If so maybe she should take her more often.

OK on to today. Today was Nutrition, and CAT scan day! (no dog aloud! ;) )

We start of with four of us and the kid's going. Besides Mom and I there is Dave (cook number 1) an Susan (cook number 1). Yes I put them both as cook number one because they both are willing to go to this meeting and cook for my mom, and that make them both #1 in my book!

If you haven't heard this part yet Mom is ES pos. That means that she needs to avoid "SOY" If you look at the back of the labels on the food you eat most to all have soy in them! Mom is lactose intolerant, making things a little harder and if you add food that can trigger latex reaction that mom can be sensitive to, then there's not much left in the way of options. SOOOOOOOOOOOO the reason we are at the appointment.

The good news, they are talking a percentage point's of soy! believe it or not SOY SAUCE is OK!!!!!!! To nut shell it for folks it is stuff like soy milk, and all that good vegetarian fake food that she can't have. It's reopened to door to food all over again. (Now if we can just make it taste good for her!!!!!

On the way home from the appt mom's head got HOT, so she took off the scarf, that made what hair she had stand straight up on end reminding me of "the scary guy" caricature I use to have a watch of. I couldn't stop laughing! ;) really it was funny to me.

Susan made a promise a while ago, that she would shave mom's head if she didn't loose it. WELL next thing you know mom is on the back porch and Susan has the dog grooming shears in her hand. In the end "mom now has her 'show cut' going on"! It looks good and I don't have the laugh attacks that I was before! ;)

We went from that to the CAT scan. Not much to report on that. We shall find out in the next few days the results. Hoping for good results.

This is mom's OFF WEEK! The good thing is we don't have treatment, however this is when her white count drops to dangerous levels. SO she's staying home or whereing her mask when she goes out.

Hope you enjoy the picture show.


Friday, July 25, 2008

CYCLE TWO Day Fifteen

CYCLE TWO Day Fifteen same ole same ole stuff---nothing different nothing new. BOOOOOOOOORING and EXHAUSTED-----I wish I could sleep, but I can't See even Keep-er finds Chemo treatments boring. Since I had a "private" room today Mack was able to stay and visit the whole time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

cycle 2 day 8

OK so it's been a while. #1 rule in our family is no news is good news. #2 I've been busy camping.... Hey mom's been doing great, so we could get away for a moment. I did check in with her while I was gone a few times a day by text, and talked to her for a while on Sat on the phone.

Wed: Vampire day. It went as usual nothing too fun or strange to report on that.

Thursday: treatment day. What can I say, the biggest new to report there isn't about mom but me. I walked into the clinic today!!!! No more wheel chairs for me! Thank goodness, I was tired of being ran into walls. ( I love my daughter but she's fun to bug about one oops). We met the nurse and we go over mom's labs all is looking good there are things that are low and things that are high... but as the nurse says that's what they want so it's all good. That means mom gets her date with Baxter.

This treatment seamed to make mom more tired than some of the last ones. She came out of the treatment wanting to take a nap.

SO there are a few interesting things to report.
1) The hair is hanging in there, yet getting thinner. The bright side of less hair... It dries a lot faster!

2) "Chemo brain" moment of the week. OK there may be more than one, but only one we can remember at the moment. Mom had a bill to pay. The amount (for argument sake) was $136.00 Mom paid the bill. Got a call from the company that said you wrote your check wrong. In the number amount mom wrote $136.00 then the next line when it came time to write it out she wrote "One hundred and 36/100" OOPS. I'm thinking she's found a new way to delay payment on a bill!!!!!

3) the quote of the week. When asked How are you doing?
"I'm soooooooooooooo boringly fine even Research doesn't call any more"

OK the research nurse calls but mom's doing so well that boring is GOOD!!

Thanks for you continued good thoughts and prayers. They are obviously working if mom is soooo boringly fine!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cycle 2 Day One

Well it was touch and go there for a while as to whether or not I was going to be able to keep my date with Baxter this week. Since my White count was down last week, then I ended up in the Emergency Room with a fever (101.5) of unknown origin. The white count BARELY made it into the “normal” range at this weeks blood draw.. The Doctor decided that it was OK to go ahead with the Chemo treatment. The *Sutents* (SU011248) dosage has remained the same, two pills once a day at 8:30 AM. Other than my hair getting a lot thinner no major side affect noted.

It was funny when Mack met us at the DR office on Thursday, he looked at me and said I'm going to buy you a hat with bangs. we all LOLROF at him He had NO clue that is what I was wearing (the Bandana with bangs) already. After my appointment when he walked me out to the car, I pulled my bandana off to show him my "lack" of hair. It's a toss up as to which one of us has the most still.

PS Roxanne is obviously comfortable with my treatments---she and the family are off camping in the mountains. however she does Text me several times a day to check up on me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Picture time!

OK So as promised it's time for some pictures. We are going to ask your opinion on what style you like the best. Then Mom/Jann will just wear what she feels the most comfortable in any ways.
This is for fun. The poll is on the right of the page.

This is "salt and pepper"

This is "10 years back"

This is "10 years forward"

Mom's new "hair grooming tools" (not on the poll)

The "bandana and bangs"

Let us know what you think.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

the Weekend

Wednesday 02 July 2008 I spiked a fever of 99.9 I told Diane the research nurse when she called the next day and I was told that when it reached the "magic number of 100.3 that I was to go to the ER. So I've been taking it several times a day.
On Thursday 03 July 2008 my Temp only got to 99.7
Friday 04 July 2008 my temp got up to 99.8 it has been returning to near normal between spikes.

Saturday 05 July 2008 I just got back from spending three hours in the ER. I spiked a temp. the magic number I was told was 100.3 I woke up from a nap and it was 100.5. After gallons of blood, a UA a EKG and a Chest X-ray it was decided that I had bronchitis maybe??? Oh yeah it was 100.8 in the ER the last time they took it. My WBC has IMPROVED since Wed when it was taken last. they put me on Moxifloxacin HCL 400 mg tabs.

My Temp spiked to 101.5 after I got home-----then I finally vomited about 500 cc of clear liquid now I feel better----wrung thru the wringer but better.

Sunday 06 July 2008 I have a nasty red raw rash on my arm from the tape they used when they put the IV in. Its been the only stuff I've been able to use with no problems till now. I'm not sure what they are going to do now.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Well the fourth arrived and as promised no one went to the parade! We all had a nice time out at the Farm and the firework adventures where tame this year thank goodness as there was a 14 and 15 year old lighting them off. The most excitement was the onlooker who would sit in chairs and try to see where they went leaning over on uneven ground and before they know it falling over backwards or sideways! To the enjoyment of every one else.

Mom is Sore today, as am I. It could be that we were just walking around on the uneven ground of the farm all day. I know that's why I'm sore, try doing that on crutches. So today mom is taking t-3's and has heat on her back to try and help the soreness.

Oh and mom got some sleep last night!!! She turned on the TV to watch the fireworks and fell asleep for all of them. I told her she should of recorded them, that way she could play them over and over again to get her sleep!

Her fever is still down today and thing seem stats quo.


PS. Pictures of the head covering will be coming soon. Check in on Monday or Tues to see them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cycle 1 Day 21 Wig and Vampire Day

OK, So today we planed to go and buy mom a wig. It was also the day to visit the vampire and do doggie doo doo duty!

When we get there mom is getting ready. When it comes time to do her hair... well let's just say I think she won the shedding game with the dog. I (being the caring/sensitive daughter that I am) got out the "CAT HAIR BRUSH" and offered to help. (she ran away and I think did or said something else I shouldn't relay here.) Sarah got out the "de-hairer" thing, lint brush by another name. And de~haired grandma's shirt. complaining that she was wearing a white T-shirt will shedding BLACK HAIR!!!!!!

Wig shop first, the bad new they lady wouldn't let us take any pictures in her store! :( They had one that we looked at all gray and curly.. I said that would be OK, IF she wanted to look like her mother! She passed. So we went with some other colored wigs just too much of a difference. I agree they almost all looked wiggy! After trying on a lot we came to one that is a look that she had a few years back, and the gray is gone!!!!

Then it's off to the vampires! Mom thinks she's got the system figured out this time. Has Sarah stand in one line and get the "number" for the other line. The line Sarah is in is ready first, it's to get her BP done. But she still has to wait about 1/2 hour they say. Then it's time to talk to the vampire... There seems to be a problem not sure what so I get up with the crutches to see what the mater is. The computer system is down!! This means that they have to do it all by hand. Good thing for the blue card that helps them speed things up. After a long delay and about a hour later we are out of there.

Now later this evening the results are back. Moms white blood count is down to 2.4 this makes her very susceptible to germs. So the idea of taking her to the 4th of July parade is now off. But we will still be doing a small family BBQ. She also had a small fever tonight however as of right now it has broken and is back to normal.

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow is the phone call with the nurse and then it's time for family on Friday.


OK I'll add my two cents worth here also----After having soup for supper---not much in the house at the moment to eat. Need to get the grocery shopping done soon. I took about an hour and half nap during which time my fever broke, now I'm all sweaty. Also took my temp again and it was down to 98.6 (which is still elevated for me but not too bad)


more on Cycle 1 day 19

OK so mom gave you her version of the story. Here is MY version! (not that it's any better) On Sunday afternoon I was telling Sarah that I forgot to do the hair tug test on mom. Being the sweet child that I am, I will grab a lock of her hair and gently tug at it, just to see if it's still attached. I forgot to do when we where together on Sunday.

Well Monday I had a Dr appt. for my foot, and we went over to moms house before hand. Now to me her hair looked thinner than normal, but I wasn't sure if it was or wasn't due to the fact that since she got it cut there is more gray then black, thus just looking thinner any ways. So I am sitting in the wheel chair and reach up to get her hair and give it a tug. Mom backs away! I was like WOA! that's new, but just to make sure I try it again and again she pulls back. HMMMM

Mom goes to the bathroom and get a comb and combs her hair. Out comes a "small" (and I mean a small) hand full of hair. To which I tell her that's nothing I can do that like this, and reach up to my hair and pull out as many if not more hair than her. I get twice that much out of my brush daily. What are you complaining about? She said yeah yeah yeah, that's us (Am, and Sarah) all do that same thing. For mom this is something that doesn't happen too.

So it became official Mom is "shredding" as my 7 year old use to stay! Tuesday Mom said that it's a weird sensation to feel her hair fall it. She can feel it "letting go" or it feels like a "popping out" (maybe that's due to the otter POPS!) OK a bad joke from me. :) Tuesday evening Mom was really sore, flu like sore . I told her she couldn't blame the soreness on the Jeepin' over the weekend it was too long ago. She says it's "delayed reaction syndrome". GOOD TRY MOM!

Well that's all the news so far.
Wed we go to the vampires and wig shopping! Thursday is "OFF DAY"!
Take care and thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.


PS.. My foot is healing nicely and now I'm suppose to start using it 'just a little'. Next week the stitches FINALLY come out, and then I'm free to go. Just not run a marathon on the first weekend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cycle 1 Day 19

Alright Susan ---- you win----or is that LOSE??? Yes that means that my hair is starting to fall out. Roxanne was going for day 18----it might have started that day, but not as noticeable as today. I am so NOT ready for this. Yes I have a few hats, and a scarf or two but but's too HOT for HEAD cover. So I guess tomorrow 02 July 2008 we go wig shopping. Who all wants to come????


Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Weekend

OK it's been a busy weekend, so I'm just now getting around to an update.

Thursday NIGHT, mom didn't sleep much. When I asked what she did she said that she "cleaned and reorganized her bedroom", WOW I think that's quite the motivating stuff she's on (maybe I need some), then she tells me well she never got out of bed... she just thought about it all night long! (very funny mom)

Friday Rox and Sarah showed up so Sarah could help with some more yard work. Rox went out to lunch with Dave, and then came back. Still not able to walk on foot, so not much I can do around there to help. I laid on the couch and took a nap. Jann was sitting across from her and couldn't help but take a picture of her sleeping. After my (ROX) nap I woke up to see that Mom was in the chair with the computer "sleeping", SO (not knowing that mom had taken my picture) I have Sarah quietly get me the camera and I take mom's picture sleeping at the computer. Sarah starts laughing almost uncontrollably!!!! Later I find out why! It's kind of funny. I told mom I was trying to teach her how to take a nap.. and it kind of worked!

Friday night Jann had "hot flashes in her elbow" Not sure I've ever heard of that but that's what she said!

Saturday Jann went to Rox for the day and night. The plan to take a drive to the MT to stay cool. Well I'm not sure that it worked, as it was HOT every where. I think we all had a good time going to the lake, and seeing all the crazy people that where out there. We made sure that she kept drinking water while we where gone.

Sunday: The night was uneventful, except for the mysterious bowl that appeared by mom's bed! ;) She said she just "wasn't sure"... but nothing became of it. Jann was "walking funny" today. Joint aches and pains. I told her before we went four wheeling that the aches and pains where going to be there in the morning whether we went or not, so might as well have some fun with it!

Any way's that's the update for now.

Basic side affects have been sleepless, flushing, sleepless, aches, sleepless,slight nausea, sleepless. Oh and did I mention sleepless.

Take care

PS.. Did I tell you that MY FRIDGE STILL NEEDS TO BE CLEANED! I thought having her over here she'd clean my fridge for me.... but ...noooooooooo! ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 15 cycle 1 Treatment day

Well today was the third treatment of the first cycle. Next week is a "off week". Today mom had her friend A come and drive the medic van to clinic. Friend A is coming from across town. I am coming from the other direction. WE BOTH have to take 84/205 interchange to get there. For those that didn't see our news today a train derailed with 30 cars going off the tracks and 7 falling over. They are going to close this part of the road, to secure the lumber on the train. Anna goes a different way to bypass this I on the other had take the normal route, I must see train. I saw the train and drove under the leaning lumber praying the whole way. (More later)

I get to mom and first thing I see when I pull in is a MOP of PINK in the window. Upon entering the house I am introduced to Anna, now I truly do not believe that PINK is her natural color. She has gone and gotten her hair done "Pink Hair Thursdays!" What a treat! Now I must say if mom asks you to do her a favor and drive her to chemo, remember that it involves PINK HAIR! ;)

SO it is quickly decided that we should take the back way to treatment, as the freeway must be a miss with the train issue. Yes even I agreed to the way with all the turns. As it turns out they closed the 84/205 on/off ramps at 9:00 am the time we left for treatment. It would have messed with us a lot.

Mom had to have 3 EKGS two min. apart today so we had to be there early. Then it was up to see nurse TS and go over mom's lab results. She is handling the Paxt, and SU fairly well. Her test numbers are running good and we are soon on the way for treatment.

Mean while out in the hall the Pink Ladies are causing quite the looks of people walking by as they stand under the Oncology sign. Now imagine you are the nurse assigned to go fine patient Jann. You walk out and find a group in the hall... there is a Lady with nice long blond hair holding a camera, a lady with pink curls, a lady that has a pink mohawk, a lady in a wheal chair with a breast cancer hat on her head, and a lady with a nice short summer hair cut. Who is most likely to be the patient??? SO the nurse looks at the group, and tentatively say "JANN????" Oh and btw my dad came to the appointment, but he had already gone into the 'family" waiting room's think to hide he's never liked the color pink.

OK, so the technical stuff:
Mom needs to drink more!!! We all are trying to figure out how she was "not hydrated" with as much water that she drinks. She's been drinking 8-10 (16.0 oz. each) bottles of water a day! plus other liquids.
She is not to be touching the raw meat! Sorry Keep-er no more raw food for you for a while.
She's not been able to sleep much at night. She gets tired but can't sleep. They are checking into a sleeping pill for her.

Now we need to help mom come up with things to do on the nights she can't sleep. It's esp. bad on Thursday nights right after treatment. Last week she got up and cleaned the fridge... mainly the MEAT DRAWER! I got on her case about that and told her she wasn't too do THAT ANY MORE> ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 14 cycle 1

So Today was a busy day for us. See the photos show below if you haven't already. The pictures. The photos below are of a good friend of mom's showing her support as most of us women wouldn't. I ask any one of the women reading this blog "WOULD YOU DO THAT FOR A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER??" I'm her daughter, and the most radical thing I can do is get "pink hair extensions' to show my support!

Today is the day before treatment and true to form, I'm writing this late at night. The reason for that is that on Wed we go over to mom's so Sarah can do the back yard "dog duty" (picking up dog stuff that grandma can't anymore). We get home late after that.

Sarah has also taken to the job of grandma's "vampire buddy!" Meaning that Sarah goes with her to the dr for the weekly blood draw. This way, she can be the "ears for grandma". Sarah really enjoys doing this as beside the ugly task of 'dog yard pick up,' she feels useful. The 'young ones' as we are told aren't allowed back in the chemo treatment room. This is due to the reproductive systems... So Sarah had a great amount of pride and "helpfulness" over being with grandma at the vampire's today.

Jann will have an EKG (I think) tomorrow and then her treatment. We now know that it will last into the lunch hour. It took some doing, but mom got the dry ice so we can take her otter pops tomorrow for treatment.

Please keep good thoughts and prayers for us as we have the 3rd treatment of cycle 1. Mom still feels the tumor shrinking!!


If this made you smile please consider donating to the race for the cure on behalf of Jann, Susan, or any one on the cascade beagle team! Check out the link on the blog’s side bar... Race for the cure! Thanks. This will be added to over the course of time so watch often! Watch for and read "PINKY'S STORY!" to find out about why she is doing this and what it means to her. It should appear in the next Day or two.

Thank You So Muck Miss PINKIE!!!!!!!! We Love you and Your support team!!!!!

to quote a good friend "YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 9 cycle 1

Today was the memorial service for mom/grandma. It was a lovely service. Mom was tired during the service, I think the emotion of the past 2 weeks finally caught up to every one. But we made it through all of it and are closer because of it.

Sarah is spending the night with mom tonight hopefully not 'bugging her a to much'. Mom is very tired tonight and yet is having a hard time sleeping. Hope she can get some good rest soon.

Take care and God bless you all.

Good night

day 9 cycle 1

So to day was spent hanging out at moms much the same as any other day. All of us just resting and waiting for it to be time for to go. I will say ("knock on wood" every one!) that so far mom has seem to be handling the medication fairly well. Thursday night mom was AWAKE most of the night. It's a side affect of one of the meds that they give her on Thursdays. It's been decided that Sarah (the natural night owl) should stay with her on Thursday nights and the two can Party All Night Long together. ;)

Friday mom had some Flushing (another side affect to look for) in her face. Not too bad. The nausia (KNOCK ON WOOD AGAIN) hasn't been a problem yet.

Today's Funny story: While sitting out back Rox in the Sun and Jann in the Shade talking and haveing some nice quite mother daughter time. Rox reaches up to her hair and runs her hands through it. In doing so she pulls out a hand full of hair. Then she does it again and more hair comes out. Sitting there with a hand full of hair she looks at Jann and said "how does this work? YOU go through chemo and MY hair falls out!" Jann just about showers Rox with water as she starts to laugh so hard!
SO that you all don't freak out, my hair (Rox)sheds by the handfuls in the summer time and when it get's long. SO this is a normal thing for me.

OK back to the events of Fri. We load the medic van and head to the grave side area. There is cloud cover but it's muggy. We have brought wheel chairs for Mom and I. (due to mom's hips and other problem, and my foot) I'm sitting in the van and all I see out the side door is mom in her wheel chair SPEEEEDING past me, and no one is hanging onto her. She's headed towards the curb, if she hit's it it's going to be a header for sure. Dad come running from across the parking lot and catches the wheel chair just moments before she hits the curb. Oh OK now we can all breath I get in my chair more carefully and make sure people are hanging onto it before I get in.

Ok not to to make this about me/Rox.. but it's the other funny story of the day... Well it's funny now.

As we head out of the waiting area, Dad pushing mom, Sarah pushing me.. Oh wait you guys you must come back for the rose's. (every one is to have a rose during the ceremony). Sarah stops my chair and spins it around. Nether her or I are paying attention to the concrete wall on the side of the bridge we are on. OUCH! OUCH!OUCH! My foot met the wall! The protective boot I was wearing scrapes the wall rubs on the padding at the incision site. As I scream in Pain (it was intense, and I know that Sarah didn't mean to do it, and it wasn't her fault. It just hurt) Sarah went running off into the grave yard.

Dave comes running up to me to find out what happened, as Sarah went running off she runs past her grandparents. Dad/Grandpa Mack went running after her... I really hope mom wasn't on a hill again! After checking me out Dave went after Sarah. My cousin is trying to hand me a rose, but first he must wait for me to take some pain pills. I've been doing good not to take them all day but now seams like a GOOOD TIME. I turn around and am now being pushed by someone else and I see my mom trying to sit walk her wheel chair back up to me to see what happened. Oh the drama of a funeral.

Sarah gets over being upset, and we proceed on to the grave side. It was a very nice service and uneventful after that point. I do want to thank the rest of my family who help both mom and I down the steps and over to the grave site. It was greatly appreciated.

If you happen to know my grandma Jann's mom, feel free to post a story about her, or send mom a story in an e-mail.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 8 cycle 1 Treatment Day

Well today was the second treatment day. Amber was great at driving the "medic" Van to the appointment. She had to put up with every one giving her there directions on how to get the the clinic. There is more than one way and well no one likes to go the way the other person likes to. As we are heading around turn after turn (I hate turning) just to get back to the road that mom said we should have taken in the first place. I can't help but ask if anyone knows where we are? "You are getting a tour of Portland.. now be quite!"

Finally arriving at the clinic we send Sarah into get a wheel chair for Rox. The one she picks doesn't have the leg going up on it... So I ride into the clinic and find one that works right. Mom has to use the bathroom and asks if I do to. Yes it seams that as I've been laid up I always have to go. (drives Sarah nuts. She's threaten to not let me drink water anymore) As mom (the cancer patient) pushes daughter in the chair with her foot sticking up ready to goose anything that may get to close down the hall, it strikes me funny and I just start laughing all the way to the bathroom. No one else seems to see my humor, guess it's the pain pills I'm on. Oh well.

Mom get weighed she's lost 10lbs they say. OK after some talk about this the 10lbs has been in the last month. Not the last week! It's not such a bad thing but they want to watch it and make sure she doesn't loose too much too fast. I keep telling her I don't want to find it either! Mom's lab work is all good. They adjusted her chemo meds to day down a bit from last week due to the weight loss. It's based on you BMI. Then it time to take her back into the infusion room. Only she can go now. We can't have parties in there with her. So we are stuck out in the family room.

Well I wasn't drug out of the house to be there for my mom when I'm suppose to be on bed rest, only to not be able to entertain her. So... Modern technology is a great thing. I send her a simple text first. She text back. It appears that texting on the phone is OK in there. Actual phone calls are not too encouraged as you are sitting next to people who may not want to hear your conversation. Ask Mrs grumpy next to mom today at one point. Well just simple text get boring after a while, so I send her a picture text. She sends one back. Then well my phone and hers takes and receives video clips. So the cheer leading section sent her a video. That she loved! they may be able to separate us but they can't keep us apart!

After a long apt. No one seemed to be prepared for it to be a 3 1/2 hour long apt. We finally got to go home.

Mom is doing great. I took a nap for her (hey anything I can do to help my mom) Sarah did more yard work. I'll be glad when I can get back on my feet and help out around the house for her more. In the mean time Amber gets to drive the medic van around town with us for the weekend!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEE


Wed 18 June 2008

Jann here. I've been holding out on you all. I am the original *doubting Thomasina* !! My Oncologist had told me that I could maybe tell as early as this weekend *if* the chemo was working or not----yeah right!!! So I measured the "primary tumor" (one in my breast), and it was three fingers wide and about one finger long----told you it was HUGE!! So by Sunday/Monday it was down to two fingers wide and half a finger long (or about the size of a $.25 cent piece) so there has been significant reduction already......MEANS that the Chemo is working----YEAH TEAM!!!!~~Jann

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wed's update

OK a few funnies from the week. First of last Friday when mom was getting sick she was huddled over the bowl and looked up at Amber as if to say something. When she finally got out what she wanted to say all she said was "Labor pains, it feels like labor pains". Upon hearing this I went into the other room and announced to every one else the news. I was greeted with a response of "she can't have labor pains, she's on THE PILL!" Well my response back was "obviously they put her on 'the pill' to late!" Even mom chuckle over her bowl on hearing the retort.

Mom has had a few (very few) more episode's of tummy pain. So as her tummy starts to hurt or such she keeps talking about "the baby". No she's not totally lost it yet, it is just a standing joke. During last nights episode she said that the baby was 'kicking'. =)

Last night during the baby's "awake time" she sent Amber a text telling her to "come" and she came from upstairs to help mom. After all was said and done they are now working on getting the dog to "go get Amber" for mom. It took a little bit of a try but they got it to work. Add another "trick" for the service dog!

Think of mom with all your good vibes and prayers tomorrow (Thursday) as she has her second chemo. I will keep you updated on her progress.


Monday, June 16, 2008


Today daughter Rox had surgery on her foot. Jann wanted to be there for her but had to settle with sending her text messages on the cell phone. Don't need to be around hospital sickness. After spending the morning texting with her granddaughter Sarah... it's called virtual age baby sitting. And we aren't sure whom was baby sitting whom. Sarah went over to spend the day with grandma to help her get stuff ready for the upcoming memorial service for her great grandma. She was a big help and Jann really liked the company and not being alone. That is her big thing right now, is not wanting a lot of "alone time" some is good all day is umm well boring!

Rox went home and was waited on HAND AND FOOT by her husband. Her surgery went well and she should be back up and walking in about 4 weeks. This week she wont be able to spend as much time as she would like to help Jann out. But it seems that Jann is having a good first week. A little more tired than normal, but other wise doing good. So far no more morning sickness!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The first weekend

Roxanne here: Well you must all be wondering how mom is doing. The short of it is she's doing good. She spent the weekend with us so we could keep an eye on her. Also being fathers day weekend we had a BBQ planed.

Friday night Jann had a bout of nausea, that seems to have been more do to something she ate than the medication. It lasted about an hour, and she didn't have any last night and was able to enjoy the BBQ dinner we had.

She is a little more tired these days, so when she disappears from the computer it could be a spontaneous nap time.

Humorous moment from the weekend. Picture this; Mom's got her head in a bowl, sitting on a computer chair. The advice nurse on the phone wants to know if she is peeing? All mom can think of is "Why is there a puddle under me? I don't think I'm peeing right now." (what the nurse wanted to know was how her out put had been during the day.)

Then we ask Jann if she wants an otter pop. (kind of a Popsicles for those that don't know) She said yes she would. Next thing I know she has the otter pop plastered up to her forehead to cool her off. I'm not sure whom was less clear on the concept of what the otter pop was going to be used for.

To quote my brother-in-law "the dot's weren't connecting"

Have a good Fathers day, and thank you for your care and support.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Cycle one treatment (1-1)

Before my Chemo Therapy treatment we had an hour appointment with the Research nurse going over all the lab results, what they look for what values they want what values get them "excited" and they need to do something different.

well today at 3:00 PM I started my Chemo therapy regimen first of all they have to put an IV in-----there is lies first problem---I'm allergic to any and all adhesives, , latex, spandex, lycra, nylon. Just HOW do they a fix the IV needle to my arm? I have been known to tolerate Tegaderm HP---so that's what they used today. Once they got the IV in and gave me a 250 cc bag of D5W then piggy backed one at a time three different medications. 1) a steroid, 2) Pepcid 3) benadryl ----THEN came the big guns. the Chemo drug Taxol I also started the Sutent (*the pill*) Ate ,popsicles and drank water, visited with family and friends. As I'm laying there Rox says *we/you* are going to have to "name" your friend there that you are having a date with every week. I looked at it, had paper work hanging from it----on the back said it was a BAXTER---So I'm dating Baxter now

then the nurse taking the IV out said that he was going to use something called Coban (very similar to vet wrap) I said NO you won't---see that spot there on my arm----that was from that. He didn't want to use the Tegaderm HP.

So far I'm feeling OK! I'm tired but I think that's because I missed my nap today. Those of you whom I was visiting with NO it was NOT your fault. I would NOT have slept any how.----I'll admit it I have *nose trouble* I want to know what's going on around me at all times. I seldom sleep whenever I'm in the hospital, unless they sedate me and then I refuse to come out of it-----so it's a vicious cycle.

Susan, one of my supporters. She has also offered to shave her head when I lose my hair. Any one else going to join us?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Date

We have word of the new date... the delay won't be long. Jann will start treatment on Thursday June 12th. Thank you for all of your kind words during this time.

More to come later.



I know you are all anxious to hear how things went yesterday. This will be edited by someone as time allows, but here is a quick update on the events of the day.

Yesterday on the way to the first appt., Jann got a call from the care facility where her mother lives. Grandma's/Mom's time on Earth was coming close to the end. After a group meeting, phone calls, hugs, tears, and a consult with Jann's oncology nurse, it was decided to postpone the start of her treatment and to all go be with Grandma/Mom.

Family was gathered at Grandma's/Mom's bed side well into night. At about 3:15 AM, she passed away.

Thanks for all of your support and prayers. We really needed them yesterday. We will let you know when the new date for starting treatment will be.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank you and the New Do

Saturday 07 June 2008

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your moral support and healing vibes in my fight against Breast Cancer and as I am about to embark on a journey of a lifetime! The before and after photos of the hair, more to come as it get's less and less. ~~Jann

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday 04 June 2008

I got the phone call from Mindi and was told that I have been accepted into the study program and I will be on the Paclitaxel + SU011248 (Sutent). combination which is the "pill" or as my Granddaughter told her mother "G'ma's on the pill mom" we all had a good Laugh at that one. I start on Monday 09 June 2008.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick Thank You!

OK, this is Roxanne, Jann's Daughter.

Because I have "special powers" I'm going to post this here, not on the comment part.

I know for myself as the daughter/caregiver in this process it has moved me greatly already to see (read) the out poring of support for my mother. In talking with her over the past few days I know that she is moved beyond words over the out pouring of love and support.

Thank you all, this is what Jann needs to have to start her journey!

They say God couldn't be every where so he invented "grandmas", the I saw that he invented "mothers"... yet truly its all that plus "friends".

You are all the best. Alone Jann can handle it, but together we will ALL OVERCOME!!



Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday 02 June 2008

today was my visit with the first of many research nurses. We went over the research material again. She said that the results of my MRI were fine. I signed the papers to be part of the study. I start Chemo on Monday 09 June 2008 --- I have a 5 hour appointment that day~~Jann

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How this all got started.My Story by Jann

16.5 years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in my left breast. At that time *in the dark ages before home computers* Mack and I went to the library, the American Cancer Society, and the Hospital resource centers (more than one) to research the disease, the prognosis, and the available treatments to help me decide on a course of action.

My surgeon was not very supportive of *my/our * decision. I/we opted at that time to have just a lumpectomy, followed by radiation and then hormone therapy as there was no lymph node involvement, as it was “only” a stage I cancer. I have been very faithful about doing my self exams and in getting my annual mammogram's, which have always been clear.

Fast forward 16.5 years, to Valentines Day of this year 2008, when I had a sudden painful swelling under my right arm. I also felt a lump at that time in my right breast. Since it was time for my Annual mammogram I went ahead and scheduled it. Within a day I got a call that I needed to schedule an Ultra Sound of the right breast as they didn't like the looks of it on the mammogram. Next, I had an Ultra sound biopsy which came back positive for Cancer.

I was sent to see a surgeon who after examining me suggest that I needed to talk to an oncologist as (he was concerned about being able to get clean margins during surgery because to the size of the tumor) (this one is of a size that it's questionable if they could get "clear margins" in surgery). He was also fairly certain from his exam that the lymph nodes are involved this time.

I went to see the oncologist. We discussed a number of options including that perhaps we could do chemotherapy first to shrink the tumor so that the surgeon could get clear margins, and then do chemotherapy again, radiation and hormone treatment. However to be more sure of what we are dealing with he ordered a bunch of test to be run.

So far I've had a full body Bone scan, a Chest, abdomen and pelvis CT scan, a scan of my heart and an MRI of my head. The MUGA (heart scan) came back wonderful. The MRI results are NOT in yet. The other two scans were not good. The cancer has spread to my left iliac crest (top of my hip), my spine at about T-5, a possible spot on my right lung and something (not sure what) on my liver. All these sightings make it Stage IV Cancer this time. Since it is in the bone Radiation is out.

At this time my options are:
1) Surgery, chemotherapy hormone therapy
2) Chemotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy
3) Study (just chemotherapy) followed by hormone therapy
4) The one no one wants to think about, DO NOTHING

A lot has changed in the last 16.5 years; many medical advancements have been made. We now have home computers with fairly easy internet access to a whole lot more information than we had from manual sources the first time. I’m armed with more information and many more questions.

Tomorrow, Monday 02 June 2008, I am meeting with the research nurse to discuss the Study Program and see if I am eligible.

The reason for and how to use this blog

This site is set up to help keep everyone informed on Jann as she begins the battle to overcome breast cancer again!

A quick lesson in how to use the site. The quickest easiest way to leave a message is to click on the "comment" link at the bottom of the day's post. Type your message in the "leave your comment" box. Then check a identity. If you do not have a gmail, or other options or know how to do that stuff, then you may click the anonymous tab. When you do this it would be helpful if you would sign your name at the bottom of your comment. That way Jann will know who you are. Sign it however Jann would know you. IE: your name, your screen name, your message board name.

This site is not only to let you (her friends and family) know what is going on. But also a way for you to show your support and concern for her.

Jann, Roxanne (her daughter) and Michelle (her sister-in-law) will be the primary people to update the blog over the course of time.

Thank you in advance for your support.