Friday, October 29, 2010

Wednesday 27 October 2010 Cycle Five Treatment Two

One of my pet peeves with people who blog is not keeping them updated on a regular who is calling the kettle black here.... Well my excuse is I’ve been SICK!!!!

No! I wasn’t sick from the Cancer treatments----well maybe that was part of it, as my immune system is weakened from all the chemo. I came down with a VERY bad case of the cold/flu that turned into Bronchitis. Amber and I spent 10 hours in the ER on Monday night, while they tried to decide whether or not to admit me to the hospital and ran one test after another on me. What a fun place to spend an night NOT!!!! In the end they sent me home with antibiotics and an inhaler to use to help me breathe. Within 24 hours of antibiotics I was (as one friend put it) 1000% better.

Now to get rid of the nagging cough that hangs around forever and ever.
Wednesday, I saw my Oncologist and he said it was ok to go ahead with the Chemo treatment this week. I’ve had the same “normal” to me type of reaction this week as I’ve been having all along.....wide awake for 36-48 hours after steroids and treatment, then I sleep for the next 36-48 hours pretty much----Good thing that’s the time that the University of Oregon Ducks play----the WIN if I sleep


Thursday, October 21, 2010

17 - 20m October 2010 Cycle Five Treatment One

Went back to NIH at Bethesda MD for another treatment. Things are progressing slowly. No real news to report this time around. Had a slight reaction to the vaccine this trip (small nickle size rash, intense itching for two days)----was told that was "good news" means it's working-----OK if you say so.

Update on the Netbook---they had it back to me, repaired, the same week that we shipped it out for them to work on. Now to put all the information BACK onto it. sigh..... As I told my granddaughter it's like getting a new cell phone (which she just did) need to reprogram it all over again.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

05 October 2010 Cycle Four Treatment Three

Had my chemo treatment and so far everything is going well. No major side effect just tired when I come down off my steroid high. Took one nurse one try to get in today. Had a yucky tingly taste and tingly tounge in my mouth about 5 min after Chemo started. This lasted all thru the infusion and for about hours after wards.

Netbook up date----shipped it off to the factory to be repaired. we'll see how long it takes that to happen.