Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cycle Ten, Day One, Treatment One

Amber, Roxanne, Sarah were with me today for my monthly visit with Dr Mark today. He can’t feel the lump in the breast, but can still feel the one under the arm. So he gave the go ahead for round 10 of Chemo Therapy. However he’s STILL/AGAIN/YET talking surgery after this go around of Treatments. We’ll see what the next CT scan say after this go around of treatments.---SoOOOO most likely May? By the time I’m off Chemo long enough to not affect the surgery or healing times.

While chatting with the research nurse today she asked me what i was giving up for lent---handed her my *pills* about the same time as Roxanne said *chemo* she about fell out of her chair LOL so hard

Mack showed up in time to sit with me for a bit during chemo----they get cranky if your *guest* stay longer than 10 min at a time, which I don’t think is right---but they didn’t ask me. They hook you up to an IV and other than to change bags, your existence is hardly acknowledged by the staff.

. I seem to be more tired these days. I have not done much walking in the last week or so.

Food has weird taste----you know plain bread or dry toast and water is about as good as it gets taste wise.

Roxanne’s Brother-in-law is back up here at OHSU hospital. You can follow his progress on his blog

So that should bring you up to par on my boring two weeks worth surviving.

Jann the Overcomer The beginning

Cycle Nine, Day Twenty-two, NO Treatment Week!!

OK so I missed posting to my blog last week --- My Bad!! Here’s my excuse.
My mother’s last living sibling passed away, so my husband Mack, my brother David and I made a whirlwind trip up to Langley BC Canada to attend her memorial service---with the blessing of my Dr, and research group. I was to wear my mask and use hand sanitizer, and be good. Well if any of you know me at all you know that last statement would be hard for me to do.

in my humble opinion my counts were not real good-----however the note from the DR says ****blood counts look OK, white cell is down just a little.
Dr. Mark

Makes one wonder what “low” is

Jann the Overcomer The beginning

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cycle Nine, Day Fifteen, Treatment Three

OOOOPS---well it was bound to happen sooner or later eh?

The white cells are down a little, red cells and platelets are fine, also the liver & magnesium tests are fine.
Dr. Mark

It was Amber, Roxanne, Sarah and I today at the clinic. Mack done flew to coop again----I got an E-mail from him telling me that he'd gone to Southern California to look for sunshine and all he's found so far is cool temperatures and RAIN he could have stayed home for that. Roxanne Brother-in-law Mike is still up at Oregon Health Science Hospital, he's been having a lot of problems with fluid retention and rapid heart rate. They were finally able to get it slowed down enough to get his MRI done, but the last I heard they still don't have the results of that. He is hoping and praying that he'll get out of there tomorrow so that he can be home for Valentine's Day.

Not much happening around here----you know me I just plain boring.

Keep-er and I have been to the park a couple of times this week, as the weather has been nice and I can walk around outside there and not meet up with other people, so I don't have to wear a mask. The Mask are just tooooooooooo hot to wear and it’s winter time----hate to think what it’s going to be like come summer if this keeps up.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cycle Nine, Day Eight, Treatment Two

The blood counts are OK and the liver tests are fine.

Dr. Mark

Dr Mark mailed me a copy of the Cat Scan everything basically unchanged. The Muga Scan my heart has IMPROVED and is pumping much more efficiently. It’s gone from 71% in May 2008 to 82% now. (Normal is 50% to 80%) Hmmm I wonder you think my treadmill is paying dividends here?

Today I got a bed with a TV and a view.

It was Amber, Roxanne, Sarah and I today at the clinic. Mack is still up in Yakima, WA taking care of a rental problem that we had up there. Roxanne Brother-in-law Mike, is still up at Oregon Health Science Hospital, they took over a liter of fluid off his Heart on Monday 02 February 2009, then on Wednesday 04 February 2009 they did a cardio version (electric shock) to reset his heart to normal, it was very successful. They are hopeful that he’ll get to go home this weekend sometime.

Keep-er and I continue to walk two – three, times a day, since it’s helping my heart I guess I’ll keep it up---life is so boring around here but everyone keeps telling me that boring is good!!!

Jann the Overcomer The beginning
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