Thursday, March 26, 2009

26 March 2009

Due to illness (mine) Chemo has been suspended for a couple of weeks while I get over this horrid cold/flu thing that's going around. For inquiring minds yes I did get my flu shot this year but it obviously didn't help me.


Monday, March 23, 2009


I know that you’ve all been wondering what happened to my weekly entry to my blog. To put it bluntly I’ve been sick in bed with this lovely Cold/Flu thing that’s going around. So pretty much all I’ve been doing is sleeping. I lost my voice and couldn’t speak for about three days at all. Of course I waited till Amber had to work so she wasn’t available to help me so Sarah stepped in and was a great help to me during the first part of it, taking care of the dogs, answering my phone for me, getting me anything I needed. Strange as it sounds my counts were great this week.

Roxanne's brother-in-law came back up to OHSU via ambulance this time. His Blood Pressure bottomed out so he was passing out on them when he'd change positions, ie laying to sitting, sitting to standing. He Got out on Saturday 21 March 2009 in time to celebrate his/their birthday with Roxanne and other family members, at his uncles house in Beaverton. Then Mike went back home to Roseburg Sunday morning.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cycle Ten, Day Fifteen, Treatment Three

KeepHer's idea for best use of the treadmill

Well this has been a so-so week. I’m still suffering GI problems from both ends. Although I’ve NOT had any vomiting this past week ----only close calls.

Amber, Roxanne, and Mack were with me today when I went for my chemo treatment.

I feel like I’m playing Goldilocks and the three bears, when I go back to the treatment room, as there are three different colored chairs, each has its own different type of controls, back there. The tan chair is the best, most comfortable, manually put into reclining position. The greenish blue ones are the most uncomfortable, also manually put into a reclining position. And the Dusty Pink colored ones, it’s adjusted electrically. Problem with them is that you have to have your feet all the way elevated before the head even starts to go back. Today I had a *pink* chair and a TV to watch. They were very busy back there in the treatment room again today.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cycle Ten, Day Eight, Treatment Two

Amber, Roxanne, Sarah and Mack were with me today when I went for my chemo treatment. At the clinic today, they were running a little slow, as one of the Research nurses is off on a two week Mission trip to Guatemala, so everyone else has to pick up an extra case or two.

This weeks quote from the Dr is **the last blood counts are OK. Dr. Mark***

Roxanne’s Brother-in-law Mike got to go home this past Monday 02 March 2009 and they (family is really going to try to keep him home longer than a week this time. Then current plan is for Roxanne and family to go down and celebrate Mikes & Roxanne’s birthday at Mikes home in Roseburg---not up here in Portland.. I hope that they get to do that.

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