Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday 11 July 2013

I had my follow-up appointment today Thursday 11 July 2013, with Dr R.  As I expected he didn’t have any more/different information than he did last time.  This drug appears to be working its magic still and the tumors continue to remain status quo.  For which I am very thankful as I’ve been quite ill this past month with the “Crud”.  I had it all; some people only get one of these symptoms, not me I got to do them all, the upper respiratory, nausea vomiting and the runs, along with the fever.  I’m finally down to the annoying nagging cough that seems to linger on forever with the junk.  In the pass when I’ve gotten ill the tumor has taken that as a sign to grow again----this time it’s behaving.
Asked me if I was still walking and I told him, no, just staying close to home and the bathroom. He just laughed at me and told me my lungs were clear and that I definitely sounded like I was on the mend.  YEAH!!! I can hardly wait. But I do hope to start back to walking next week. I’m finally feeling better, and not as friendly with the “ivory throne”, and able to stay away from it for longer periods of time.  
I see him again in two months.

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Anonymous said...

It sure will be nice to get back to walking again, and I would guess the dogs would agree. Not that things are ideal (you would rather be in remission), but only having to meet with the doc every 2-3 months must be nice. Keep up the great fight!!! You continue to inspire us all!! Antony