Monday, March 24, 2014

March 2014 Update where has the time gone?

Over the holidays I came down with the horrid “Crud” that was going around and it knocked me for a real loop.  The dogs and I are now up to walking about 2.5 miles a day, since that was a major setback for me. It took a lot out of me. Since I only see the DR about once every two months while we wait for me to recover from that, not much to report here on the blog.
 I’m back to training my dogs and showing them again. So as the weather warms up we’ll continue our walking and push it as my strength rebuilds again and hopefully we’ll be back to at least 5 miles a day by summer. So I’m doing well, better than the DR have expected. They tell me whatever it is I’m doing keep it up.
I just celebrated my  birthday which I share with my Daughter Roxanne McKay, and a very close birthday (next day) with my Granddaughter Brookelin McKay, over this past weekend. It was a big one for Brookelin as she is now 18 (WOWzer!! Where has the time gone).

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